Welcome to my website. My name is Masaru Suzuqi.

I am kind of a painter who has experienced kensho (見性).

And I have some kind of psychic abilities.

All digital works on this website are in the public domain (licensed by CC0).

Thank you very much for visiting my website.


Green Mount

召喚忍法!出でよ、電気ウナギ三太夫君の刑の巻 (Volume: Summons Ninpo! Come on Mr. Sandayuu, the sentence of the electric eer)

Cezanne's technique 1

Self-Portrait (first digital work)

The bundle of laundry

A note of the bundle of laundry

Trisquel GNU/Linux unofficial Wallpaper 1

Sonia from the movie HATARI!

Hikichi River Mouse (One Punch or One Million for One Drop-in)

Tattaima Shukakushita Ima Shunno Yasai wo Tempra ni Itashimashita (たったいま収穫したいま旬の野菜を天ぷらにいたいました)

Crocodile from the movie HATARI!

Crocodile from the movie HATARI! 2 -every blonde man should be eaten by crocodiles-

A Sticker of the Gnu (working on now. not finished yet)

A Perm Tree and the Bird and Birds?


Self-Portrait (a stick that is used to stir a hot bath)

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I would reward your donation with my original paintings. Please do not hesitate to ask it. I would be happy to do that.

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